KJR JUJUTSU INSTRUCTORS 2017 - 2018 - Australian Headquarters Dojo (University of Canberra, A.C.T.)

KJR JUJUTSU Instructor Profiles

kyoshi, is Kokusai Jujutsu Ryu Technical Advisor and has been participating in martial arts training in the Australian Capital Territory and NSW since 1991. He holds KJR Menkyo (teaching licence), KJR jujutsu 7th dan, KJR kobudo (weapons division) 2nd dan and KKJ Kuatsu Semmonka. Martial Arts Australia (MMA and IMA) Accredited Coach. He has been a professional instructor with Australian Law Enforcement and has sports qualifications as an nationally accredited jujutsu instructor, senior St John first-aider, with Certificate IV Fitness and Certificate III Fitness (Group Exercise/Gym Instruction) He is an Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level 1 Coach, ASC Recognised Level 1 Club Weightlifting Sports Power Coach, Boxing For Fitness Instructor (recognised by Fitness Australia), and Kettlebell Instructor (ASCA Recognised). He was also inducted into the 2011 Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame (AMAHOF) in Perth, WA.

holds KJR jujutsu 4th dan, He is the supervising coach of the Australian Honbu Dojo (Canberra) and MI Public Officer. He became a member of KJR in 2000. He is an accredited coach Martial Arts Australia (MMA). He is assisted by:

Salim KACI
Salim holds KJR jujutsu 5th dan and KKJ Kuatsu Semmonka. He has been an assistant coach in the KJR Australian Headquarters Dojo since 2007. Martial Arts Australia (MMA) accredited Coach.

KJR Consulting Coach

John R. BEAR shihan, has been Kokusai Jujutsu Ryu Australian Chief Instructor since 1979. He holds KJR Menkyo Kaiden (senior teaching licence), KJR jujutsu 9th dan, KJR kobudo 7th dan and KKJ Kuatsu Semmonka (specialist degree). He assists the senior coaches in an advisory capacity.

He has long standing sports qualifications as a nationally accredited jujutsu, iaido, jodo, and strength & conditioning coach, sports trainer and first-aider. John also gained black belt ranks in other martial arts including karate, iaido and jodo. with ranks in other martial arts. A recipient of 2000 Australian Sports Medal from the Australian Government for services to sport in Canberra, he was also inducted into the 2006 Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame (AMAHOF) in Hobart, TAS. He is Director, Kokusai Jujutsu Ryu-International Jujutsu Institute, Vice President, ACT


Phone  - 041 112 3378.
Email: kjr-iji (at) bigpond.com

KJR JUJUTSU INSTRUCTORS 2013 - 2015 - Australian Headquarters Dojo (University of Canberra, A.C.T.)


2013-2015 KJR Jujutsu Instructors and Assistant Instructors at the University of Canberra Sports Facility, Bruce ACT on 13 August 2014.

Back Row: S. Kaci 4 dan, J.R.Bear 9 dan and D.Venables 7 dan.

Front Row: H. Phillips 1st dan, R. Rekas 4 dan and P.Hunt 3 dan.



2011-2012 KJR Jujutsu Senior Instructors during 35th Annual Seminar at University of Canberra, Sep 2010.

Back Row: S. Kaci 4 dan, P.Hunt 3 dan, P. Langworthy 3 dan (WA), R. Ratnam 3 dan (NSW), R. Rekas 4 dan.

Front Row: D.R. Clarke 5 dan, J.R. Bear 9 dan, D. Venables 7 dan and M. Douglass 4th dan black belt.